Abdominal Musculaire Massage USB

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Massage & Relaxation
Composite Material
Medium YC-108A
EMS Muscle Stimulator  

Why we are different?

HUIFAN Muscle Stimulator Abdominal Musculaire Electro stimulation Electro Stimulateur ABS EMS Home Gym Arm Leg Massage USB Traditioanl EMS abdominal muscle stimulator use battery, we use USB charge, which is more convenient, save electricity and eco-friendly. 1.We have two types of muscle pads, one with 3 machine, the other with 2 pads. Both of them with Abdominal Sticker*1,Arm sticker*2,Charging Cable*1, Instruction)*1 2.This Muscle Stimulator has built-in rechargeable battery, which has really long bettery life, once fully charged can be used for 2 hours. 3.Super easy one-button machine, there are three modes, one can increase the degree, and the other one can decrease the degree, you can adjust the strength according to your need. 4.This stimulator does not use battery, not USB fast charging, this is the most difference compared to other stimulators.

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