Men's Watch Double tourbillon

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Ailang Profondeur de résistance
Bouton poussoir
Style fermoir Mode & Mouvement 

Instructions for using the AILANG mechanical watch

1. just received the watch, the first use, need to turn clockwise 15-20 turns, as the initial power 2. keep in mind that your self-winding mechanical watch may stop at night or appear to run slowly. This does not indicate a malfunction or a defect in the watch. Indicates that There is not enough wrist action, kinetic energy, while wearing the watch 3. Use your watch at least 8 hours a day to maximize the energy reserve 4. If the watch is not used for a prolonged period of time, roll up again by moving the watch and force for 30 seconds to start the energy process 5. It is recommended to repeat steps 2-4 each night before removing the watch during the first week after purchase 6. Use your watch every day or every couple of days to adjust the exact time 7. Mechanical time of National standard error: around-60 + 60 (seconds / day)

 Please allow 1-3 weeks for delivery